So its on! The final SPOKEN event in the series. It’s called ALL THAT GLITTERS and its going to rock!!

It is on Friday the 13th April from 5.30-7.30pm at the State Library of Queensland Cafe. I’m going to launch a new little collection called ‘ALL THAT GLITTERS’ and a whole heap of my lovely friends are going to perform for you. (oh and if you hadn’t gathered, you are going to see, touch and get god damn excited about how much glitter is going to be around thanks to the generous support of Through the Looking Glass Prop House) So, to get you excited I thought I’d give you a taste of the performers on the night.

My lovely and long time friend Alicia Bennett who read out our first ever SPOKEN, has taken up the reigns and will be the MC for the night. She promises me its gonna get rowdy! Alicia is a fabulous and established author and a rockin’ MC. Check out her work here.

Sean M Whelan is flying up from Melbourne to party for the weekend with me and my friends, so I conned him to also read for me. Im so excited to see him and hear him read for us! I love his blog.

Samuel Wagan Watson. He is such a crowd favourite, that I needn’t say much more about him, cept’ that I love his guts. Check out his work here.

Bernard Houston with his band ‘Music for the Heart and Mind’ has performed at SPOKEN for all of the events, and I must say the man is a bloody talented muso (as well as being a superb human!) Check out his music here.

The Pillow Book Girls have been SUCH a hit with their body painting that I’ve got them back this time to paint some sexy girls and boys in glitter!! Ohhhh yeahhhh.

Leah Shelton, of Brides of Frank and Polytoxic fame is going to perform for us. She hasn’t told me what it is yet, but I’ve seen Miss Shelton perform for years and always adored what she does.. so im TOTALLY excited by this! (and kinda excited that it will be a suprise) Check out her work with Polytoxic here.

Emma White is going to perform some tunes for us… she promises me something will make your heart ache. She plays some beautiful music, but I’ve never seen her perform live! Excited! Here is her website.

Clarissa Bones is going to have her PHOTO BOOTH on site. You can pick up poems, moustaches, glitter things and have your photo taken with them for free on the night! Clarissa is one of my favourite photographers, so I super excited to have her here on the night. Check out her work here.

Donnie Danger is going to do some live art for us before she heads on her world wind trip in a couple of months. She is such a rockin pal and Im excited to see what she comes up with and to party with her on the night!

Alyssa Venning, is one of my most favourite people and the woman can move with the Hula Hoops. She told me last night that she even got the trashiest, brightest costume made for the night!! I love this pic of Alyssa so just had to share it! Image

And, oh my there is so much more. There will be the ‘GOLD DIGGER GIRLS’ who will be asking you to grab my new collection ‘ALL THAT GLITTERS’ off them on the night. There will be the Cheerleader Girls who will provide you with half time oranges. There will be half naked gold men fanning you as you walk in. Phew.. oh yeah there is more. There is also the very popular OPEN MIC, where 10 of your randomly selected will be given the chance to win some very cool prizes. Oh and Im also going to finally read some of my poems. People have been asking me for months when Im going to get up and do a set, so as its the final one and I’m launching the new collection I thought, its about time. So check out my website here.

And last but not least, there is a SMOKING AFTER PARTY straight after the event finishes at 7.30 at Through the Looking Glass Prop House, across the road (yep just across the lights) in Fleet Lane. It’s free entry, there is cheap beer and wine. There will be go-go dancers, a billion fairy lights and music by the wonderfully talented DJ FRANKIE TROUBLE. Bring your mates, bring the boy/girl you’ve been trying to impress with your cool arts knowledge and come buy me a beer and party till the wee hours! Oh and here is the poster! Its gonna be AWESOME!


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