WILD, FEARLESS CHESTS is Mandy’s first book, and is forthcoming with Hachette in February 2020. WILD, FEARLESS CHESTS is a collection of short stories that explore the idea of women, women in place, women as projections, women not as they actually are and as they are, women as they are imagined and fantasised about; as they are limited and defined by.

In a momentous and powerful time in our history, as women’s voices begin to rise and challenge the structures that men have built and benefited from at our expense, these brutal and uncompromising fictional tales are a compelling reminder of the ways in which women have fallen, the way in which women have been dismissed, hurt, hated and loved from afar. They are the tales we have always known, always heard about, and those we often imagine we, as women, are just a short moment away from experiencing. They are yours, ours, mine. They are our booming anger, our wild love, our distortion on the page. They are the shaking ground beneath you. Your call to arms. Your readying. They are our power. Growing. Beneath. Our. Feet. We are boundless. We are ready.