The Creative Issue.

Lovely interview with the guys over at the Creative Issue. Check it out here. Advertisements

2016 Newcastle Short Story Anthology.

The 2016 Newcastle Short Story Anthology, that features the finalists for the Newcastle Short Story Award (including my short story  Perhaps Everything is Fiction) is now for sale. Check it out here .

Review in The Australian

A nice mention in The Australian of my story ‘And They Wanted Us To Love Them‘ as part of the Bareknuckle Books Anthology. Check it out here.

The Australia: Books of the Year

The Australian has the Bareknuckle Books Anthology I’m in as one of the top books of the year. Nice call. Go get it and read it. Check it out here. Proud to be a part of this great collection and involved with these great new Australian publishers.

2015 Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Journal

Some days are good. Today is good. Stoked to be a part of this. I can now say I’ve been in a Journal that Dave Eggers, Lorca, Vonnegut and Burroughs are in or have been in. So today is a good day. Fuck yes its good. Check it out to buy here.  


Ever wanted to grab the whole poetry collection? Here it is and it’s on sale for a limited time. For only $30 (Thats like nearly half price) you can have all 8 poetry books and a poetry badge! Ideal to add to your poetry collection or a most EXCELLENT gift. CHECK IT OUT HERE